Each RAID course includes online learning and in water training. Every RAID online training is now available for FREE. If you re thinking of learning to dive or are a seasoned diver you can review every level of RAID course every level of our online academics and quizzes.

Once you have registered, you’ll see your personalized list on your homepage of every course you have not already taken. To start reading any course that interests you, simply click on it. There are no restrictions – you have more than 110 free courses to choose from.

Become a RAID diver with SMB Diving 

Join RAID as a diver or as a Dive professional – There are lots of courses available and we would be delighted to join you on your diving journey. If you would like to take the next step on your diving journey, refresh in a course or skill or even become a RAID professional, we can help. At SMB Diving we are inclusive and welcome divers from any agency to come and take part in our dive trips or to undertake training. See the chart below for the structure of the RAID course and register at we look forward to diving with you soon