SMB Diving is a club where divers can get what they want out of diving    

and where enjoying diving comes first.

Why are you called SMB Diving ?

Our motto is Show Me Bubbles (which we may have to change if we ever go down the Rebeather route). We want to show you the love of diving and that there is nothing like the sound of bubbles and the experience you get underwater. An SMB also means a Surface Marker Buoy, which is a key part of a divers safety equipment. There are many divers who are not comfortable with launching an SMB. Some even pay for a course and are still not comfortable. It might be they don’t launch an SMB very often or it might be a course is only there to teach the skill (like when you learn to drive – you only really learn the skill of driving once you have passed your test). At SMB Diving we want to make sure that every diver is comfortable and able to perform each skill confidently on the course and long after.

Our Values

To help Divers (or potential divers) get what they want out of diving.

To give support, guidance and training that helps each diver achieve their personal goals.

To train at the highest standard specified by RAID.

We want our customers to be good at what we teach them. It is our job to make that journey enjoyable and to help you learn quickly with confidence.


SMB Diving would like to know what you would like to get out of diving- it might be you just want help with a particular skill, or a refresher. It could be you have just started and do not know how far you want to progress. For all our members we like to create a training plan that makes sure you achieve the training and experience to dive how you want to dive. It does not mean doing course after course – it means doing courses where appropriate to help you on your journey and gaining experience that makes you a safe, competent and happy diver. SMB Diving offers RAID training programmes that give you world recognised certifications or individual tailored training for specific skill improvement.

Why RAID ?

SMB Diving chose RAID because the values and standards of RAID align to how SMB Diving want to operate. The RAID Mission is – to be the benchmark brand for quality dive training globally through improved technology, training techniques, a proactive quality control system and ensuring the highest standard of dive instructors. The measure of our success is not the number of divers we train but the quality of our divers, every diver we train is an ambassador for RAID. For more about Raid go to –
And hopefully you will see why SMB Diving is part of RAID.


  • Padi Diver Master
  • Master Scuba Diver
  • Ice Diver
  • Mine Diver
  • RAID Dive Master
  • RAID Cave 1 Diver

    Niina started diving after being encouraged by her brother (an instructor in Finland). Up to this Niina was nervous of swimming in open water because of what lies beneath. But an Open Water course later whilst on holiday in Egypt with her brother and she was hooked, the fear of the underwater was gone. Niina doesn’t just dive, she prides herself on diving at a high standard. That doesn’t mean have lots of certifications its about getting the basics right, being efficient, in control – do what you do well. She now adds a passion for marine conservation having seen the effects that humans have on our oceans. Niina is a Sea Shepherd volunteer and has an ambition to combine her love of diving and conservation further.


    • Raid Instructor
    • Padi Diver Master
    • Master Scuba Diver
    • Ice Diver
    • Mine Diver
    • RAID Cave 1 Diver

    Scott has always had a love of the water and indulged in many water sports – sailing, open water swimming, surfing etc. Scott first dived in 1996, the experience sowing the seed that diving was definitely something he wanted to do more of. Scott’s love for diving comes from a keen interest in the natural world, exploring and seeing animals and plants others can only see on the TV. He is passionate about the oceans and its inhabitants, and has trained as a Marine Medic with British Divers Marine Life Rescue..

    Together Niina and Scott have created SMB Diving to create a club where divers can get what they want out of diving. Niina and Scott enjoy diving in different locations (around the UK and abroad), they love diving with different people and clubs. Together they have progressed from newbie divers to the skill and experience where they can help divers on the same journey. For Niina and Scott their journey is still very much in progress, having dived in flooded mines and under the thick ice in Finland, there are caves, technical diving and so many many more dive locations to be explored – come join us!

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